E.H.I x Tart London
posted byTart London
2024-02-02 10:14:17
As always, Jemima and Lucy look to nature for their inspiration from building their menus at Wild by Tart, to their recent shirt collaboration with WNU, and their most recent collaboration is no exception. We're delighted to introduce The 'Elements' collection; an exclusive collaboration between Tart London and EHI Ceramics. As long-standing admirers of Emily's work, we are delighted to bring this collaboration to life with three designs inspired by the core elements of nature, Earth, Air and Water; each design has been decorated onto various-sized bowls and plates, which are now available to buy online and in The Wild Store.

Emily Iremonger is a ceramic artist, all her work is handmade from her studio in the North East of England. The pieces are all wheel thrown in white stoneware clay and decorated with cobalt oxide using various size brushes and different dilutions of the cobalt.

I aspire to make beautiful functional tableware that elevates a meal; it's the everyday things that can be made a little bit more special in the right vessel. I think this is something Lucy, Jemima and I all had in common. This, and also the importance of nature in our lives and in the restaurant. ‘The wind raises the clouds to form the rain, that nurtures the earth to grow vegetation, fruits and flowers' whilst, the kiln and restaurant kindle the fire to cook and bake food and pots. - Emily Iremonger