Cucumber Gazpacho

How does one feel about cold soups? Not great for most of the year, living in grey, cold wet England. It’s the kind of moment where you blink and the chance has gone. It only really feels expectable when skipping off to Mediterranean soil; enjoyed after a morning of lying around by the water’s edge, drinking cold wine and feeling quite alright- to peal yourself away for lunch wrapped in a sarong, under a parasol, where you just ‘have to start with a gazpacho’. Cold and delicious, refreshing and energising. This really is a prime moment for wanting a cold soup. But also seeing as we are in that moment of the year of blinking, now is your chance to get creative with your blender. They are so easy to make, everything goes in then off they whizz- with plenty of seasoning to taste, then chilled for at least a few hours. There are numerous recipes for a great gazpacho, some blended with bread some without, most countries have their own style- some are finer and lighter, and others courses- its all a matter of preference. Its essentially an Andalusian peasant dish designed to stretch cheap ingredients to the limit. In early July we both took a much needed impromptu break away to Lucy’s house in Mallorca. A beautiful 16th-century monastery, situated in the hills in the centre of the island. All based around a handsome courtyard above an old olive mill. We both arrived with good intentions to take the office there, beaver away for a few hours a day- but with the 10 10ths sunshine, poolside work took a bit of a back step. One thing we did do was go to the local markets, buying delicious fresh produce and cooking. The kind of cooking Tart was in need of! Great vibes- outdoor cooking- clean air- rose flowing- good beats… all very chilled out. Much needed post our 4 months of intense working on our cookbook (coming out next spring!). We created this soup, perfect for hot hot days abroad, but since getting back we have made this on numerous jobs- in little cups as canapes at an exhibition opening, on the set of a big campaign and also as a plated starter. Nice to serve this in small bowls, more as a flavour packed cooling taster.


    3 spring onions 
    1 small garlic clove 
    2 cucumbers, roughly chopped 
    1 long green pepper, de seeded and roughly chopped, 
    200g Greek yoghurt 
    2 jalapenos 
    1 bunch of coriander 
    1 bunch of mint, stalks removed 
    juice of 1 lime
    1 tsp sherry vinegar
    1 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
    salt and pepper


Whiz everything together in the blender till smooth. Refrigerate for 1 – 2 hours, mix well before serving. Serve with ice cubes, chopped roast almonds, mint and spring onion.