Stepping into spring means the inevitable birth of new creations; for us it means our cookbook and our forthcoming permanent space.  The new season signifies fertility, love, hope, youth and growth, and this week we have come up with some potions to reflect this. We consulted our great friends, Chloe and Ali from Health is Wealth to fully understand how we can use natural herbs and nutrients to put a proverbial spring in our step. We had such fun experimenting as we learned what works best to enhance our sex drive, encourage fertility and open our hearts to love. And so after raiding the apothecary and checking aspects of the lunar cycle, we were left feeling totally empowered. The unusual ingredients might make these recipes appear challenging-  however they are inexpensive and easy to find in health stores or the internet. First up… a shot of sexuality. This ruby coloured concoction is built on a base of sensual, zinc-rich fruits: strawberries pomegranate and red grape. Zinc is essential for sex drive, testosterone and endurance, whilst pine pollen has potent libido-enhancing properties. As an added benefit, pine pollen is also incredibly anti-ageing due to its collagen and elastin properties. We have added avena sativa (wild oat) tincture to promote vitality and support the nervous system. Finally to potentiate the mix, we have added the Australian bush Flower essence: Sexuality. Second: a heart opening elixir. Constant stress in our busy, everyday lives lead many to adrenal fatigue and burnout. Our poor adrenals are further stressed by our daily coffee habits- as such we have come up with a delicious and restorative alternative, that still packs a little caffeine but also contains nourishing, heart opening goodness. Cacao has powerful mood enhancing properties and has traditionally been consumed in ceremonies to inspire creativity. Chillis have been considered an aphrodisiac since ancient time, whilst rose can evoke nostalgic memories of young love. Lastly, our virile, fruitful smoothie packs in the required nutrients for optimal fertility (both male and female) and youth. Zinc, is included because not only is it an anti-ageing mineral, but for its role in sexual development, ovulation, and the menstrual cycle. Arginine is thought to improve reproductive health. Folate food in green vegetable is the natural form of folic acid that pregnant women are encouraged to take in supplement form. The good fats can help maximise blood flow to the pelvic organs, whilst vitamin C is a great antioxidant. We have also added wild oats for their ability to nourish, strengthen and tone the reproductive organs.


    1 tbsp Sexuality Bush Flower essence 

    1 tsp Pine pollen

    handful of Strawberries, Pomegranate seeds and red grapes, 

    200ml coconut milk

    1 tsp Avena Sativa (Wild Oat)


    Place all the ingredients in the blender and whizz.


    Hot chocolate coffee alternative

    1 tbsp Cacao powder

    200ml Hazelnut milk

    squeeze of Honey 

    1 tsp Chilli powder

    1 tsp Rose oil / water

    Rose petals for decoration


    Place in a small pan and bring to a simmer. Serve hot or chilled on ice.


    ½ avocado (zinc)

    ½ an  apple (vitamin C)

    ½ lemon, juice (vitamin C)

    handful spinach (folate)

    small bunch of parsley

    200ml coconut water

    1 tbsp Udo’s ultimate oil blend (Omegas)

    1 tsp Beyond greens powder – Udos choice (Arginine)


    Place in the blender and whizz